Sharepoint Site Links not working in Teams

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I've created a Sharepoint Site for a project that we need to share internally - we need it accessible via Teams.


We have added it as a tab in Teams, but it's not working properly. The majority of people are unable to click the links and are stuck on the homepage unless they open the site in their browser. This is not ideal as we want to keep our users in Teams.


We have used both Sharepoint and Website linking features within teams and both run into the same issue.


Does anyone have any insight into this issue and how to resolve it?

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Hi Anton and lzptv5, Well I didn't hear back from them, but it's working again. Let's hope it's a permanent fix this time. Peter

@Peter_Geebelen Thanks for your update.  I noticed as well that it has started working again.  Fingers crossed.


we're facing the same issue right now in our tenant. Doesn't matter whether we embed the site with the "website-app" or the "sharepoint-app". The links sometimes work once or twice but after that they stop working. I can confirm that "right-clicking and open in new tab" works fine.
But that isn't a suitable solution for most employees.

Any updates on that? Thanks in Advance...



Same issue on November 1, 2023. Tried all fixes offered I could find on the internet.

Did not work for me.
The only resolve I have found is that you have to be using the New MS Teams version, not the classic.

@kkostrzewa Yes this could be the case as I have been using the new Teams and the links appear to work fine.  Thanks.