SharePoint Site Level Search Verticals Limitations

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When configuring a SharePoint online site level search verticals in modern experience, we are able to return results for that same SharePoint online site/source but we are unable to pull results from another SharePoint site/source on the tenant even if it is defined in the KQL query.  I suspect that this is an expected behavior but unable to confirm it.  I have reviewed Manage search verticals | Microsoft Docs and did not find any limitations that would prevent us from doing so.  Can anyone confirm if we are dealing with the search verticals limitations or if there is a way we can make this work without the need of creating a results source and a classic search results page?


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@Chris Ficek I've done a quick bit of testing and it looks like a limitation. I tried updating the search scope to the tenant with Set-PnPSearchSettings but when you perform a search it defaults to the Tenant Level verticals rather than the Site Level ones.


Out of interest, are you able to modify any of the out of the box verticals at the site level? The documentation advises they should be but I don't get the option. I don't even get the option to modify custom ones I create, they need to be deleted and recreated if I want to change the query.


It definitely feels like they have pushed out some changes that are not ready when it comes to site-level search customization.

Hi Euan,

Thank you for confirming the limitations. Yes, I was able to create and modify the search verticals at the site level. It seems odd for you to create but not modify the custom verticals at the site level. Is this because you were expecting an 'Edit' button after selecting an item? If so, I do have that same experience as well (where the 'Edit' button is not available) but if I double click on the selected item, it takes me to the edit screen for that selected item. See if that option is available for you. I am hoping Microsoft improves that UI by adding the 'Edit' button to make it more user friendly.
Ah I can edit them after all! I'm not going to question the design decision behind the Edit button at the tenant level and no indication of how to edit them at the Site level. Thanks Chris.
Glad to hear you are now able to edit the verticals at the site level.