Sharepoint site elements and menu items black instead of blue

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Hello all,


I hope somebody can help me solving an strange issue. 


I have created a site in SP. In that site there are several menu items and other elements black, where they normally are blue. Maybe it is a setting, but I have no idea how to change that.

Please see attached screenshot as an example.


Hope somebody can shine a light on this.

Many thanks!

Michel Grevenstuk





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@MGrevenstuk you can change this by changing the site theme.

  • Go to change the look


  • Click on Theme
  • Pick out a theme to change the color.
Thank you for thinking with me. But that is not changed and on the classic office view.
There appears to be something else happening; because it looks like the site is partially frozen in some way.

Anyone an idea? I also notice that in the site settings I do not have the option to assign 'Users and authorisations"? and all text is greyed out (but clickable)

Do you have a custom theme applied? Is this only happening in that site?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


No theme applied and only happening in that site indeed. Please see a picture attached from the same list in an other - properly working site - and the new site, where both the menu items as a progression column have turned black instead of grey.

@MGrevenstuk if you create a new SharePoint site it gets a random theme assigned to it unless you have a hub site assigned to it to inherit the theme. Because your example said you created a test site I conclude that you haven't set up the hub connection yet.


If this is the case you can resolve the colors with my first comment about changing the theme of the site.