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How has the strategy been to migrate files from a local server to SharePoint sites? What advantages and disadvantages did you identify?

1. Create a SharePoint site and one Document Library for each department - breaking permissions inheritance;

2. Create a Teams site or team for each department and on this site create a Document Library to hold the documents to be migrated.





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@walterax Follow similar architecture like below:

  1. Create a separate team site for each department and use the default "Documents" library to store the documents
  2. It will be easier to manage the permissions for department users, you can also use the teams in Microsoft Teams for collaboration
  3. You can also create department specific pages & other content on each site in future instead of just using the document library - This will be difficult to manage in future if you use single site & multiple libraries for the departments.

Follow below documentation for more information: 

  1. Introduction to SharePoint information architecture 

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Thanks for the answer, @ganeshsanap!
In the case of using Teams, isn't there a risk of the owner deleting a channel or team and thereby also deleting the Site and Document Library? How to limit access to avoid this risk?

@walterax You can grant permission levels as per your requirements. Check different permission levels available in SharePoint at: User permissions and permission levels in SharePoint 


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