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HI. I have a site collection called site1. On this site i have made a site columns called: col1,col2. These columns take values from global term store. Also i configured a refinable string to it and now i can filter by these values in PnP.Search. I want to make a search and filter on site2. How to make it? Just create site columns called like on site1?

Please help.

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@buszi99 You should be able to do this with the Modern Search Components from the PnP Modern Search components (  ), created by the M365 Community ( )?


The components include a Search Results webpart that can be configured with any search query, including targeting individual sites, whether it's the current site or a different site. That webpart can be linked to a Search Box webpart, as well as a Filter webpart. They are a very powerful, professional set of tools. It's the "go to" tools for many people when it comes to Search. (It does MS Graph searches too!) 


Good luck!

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@Don Kirkham I know, but I have already configured and installed PnP Search. I want to know what i need to do if I want to duplicate these columns to other sites and make one page where i can search through all these site with one search.