Sharepoint single column list with forced unique values?

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Hello all,


I'm working on my first Power App and part of that App has a dropdown which pulls its content from a Sharepoint List. This Sharepoint List is a single-column list with only the default single "Title" column being used. This is fine since I literally only need the list to contain client names and no additional metadata.

I want users of the Power App to add client names to the list, but they shouldn't be able to add names that already exist. So the obvious solution would be to make the Title column in the Sharepoint list unique, right?


Except that doesn't seem to be possible. Neither my first Sharepoint List in a Document Library (a known impossibility) nor the list I made in a normal Team Site allow me to designate the Title column to be unique. When I right-click the column there is no option to edit it.
I can create a new column in the list, right-click and edit THAT to be unique... But then you'd still need to add SOMETHING to the original Title column for every entry, since it cannot be left empty. I don't want this, I just need a single list of items that are unique to feed into my Power App dropdown.



Long story short: Is there any way to have a single column Sharepoint List with unique values enforced?

If it's easier to use a different sort of list to feed into my Power App dropdown, I'm all ears too!

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@MovingJay Follow below steps to make Title column unique:

  1. Go to SharePoint list
  2. Click on Settings (gear) icon at the top right corner > Select List settings
  3. Scroll down to Columns section on list settings page and click on Title column: ganeshsanap_0-1679298239673.png
  4. Change Enforce unique values to Yes and click OK at the bottom of the page to save the changes: ganeshsanap_1-1679298349367.png

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Yep, that's about as embarrasingly obvious as I expected it to be... Love it when Microsoft hides different settings menus everywhere. Thanks for the tip!