Sharepoint Settings Gear Missing

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I am the SharePoint owner with full control, however, the setting gear that should be in the top right of my sites is missing. On all pages. It was there yesterday. Any idea how to fix this? See photo. 



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Same thing here. I can't see a way to get to list settings either.

@MeaganUTSW  Same issue here, list and site settings icon is gone



Ditto for me.  I'm the site admin with full control.  The gear is missing on all site pages including our intranet.  I cleared my cache and rebooted.  Still no gear.  HELP!


Same issue here :(
From our intranet, I typically use the app launcher to access all apps, however they're missing, too!
We are having this issue across all tenants today as well.
Having the same issue across all client tenants.

Same issue too.  It is crippling to a lot of our site owners.  Hopefully, this is has been bumped to urgent by Microsoft.

I am experiencing the same issue currently... It was there @ 6AM my time, and now it's gone!

I don't have the access to the sharepoint settings also. It just changed this morning. i am the farm admin for cloud sites. Has anyone reported to Microsoft?@MeaganUTSW 

I entered a critical level support ticket for my tenants...

Same here. Has anyone seen anything posted from MS or gotten a response to a submitted ticket?
I put in a ticket through one of my clients, no responses beyond the automated ones yet.
Same issue here. I noticed this problem today, the Settings gear was present yesterday.
Here as well.
FYI: Microsoft has an open incident on this issue: MO544165
Same here...across the entire environment. Workaround I am using is site contents - then site settings is in the upper right corner next to the recycle bin. Hope that helps but hoping Microsoft fixes this yesterday.
How do you look that up?