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I have a column (Performed) that I input the date I did an activity. I am trying to create a calculated column (Due) where it is due 3 months after the Performed date. I know I am able to achieve this by using this formula:



However, I want to set the date on the 1st of that month. For example, when the performed date is on 20 DEC 2020, the due should be on 1 MAR 2021. Is this possible?


Thanks in advance :)

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Change the Day value to 1


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Just realized my answer might be wrong. Update the formula to


The Day function returns the Day portion from a date and is not needed here since we are hardcoding to the 1st.

My favorite calculation is for the last day of any month. The key is that if you put 0 in the Day part of Date(), it will return the last day of the previous month. In your example, the following formula return the last day of March:


Notice I bumped the Month calculation to +4, we we are literally asking for the day before the 1st of April. That formula can be hard to find when searching.