Sharepoint server 2019 on prem - Multilanguage

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How to create Multilanguage modern pages and translate them in two languages (en,fr) using Sharepoint server 2019 on prem?

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Hi @kitanovskiB 


Firstly, you need to install language packs on the SharePoint servers



 Seconly, make use of Variations feature to create multilingual sites.


Can I use Variations with Modern Experience in SharePoint server?
Because, when I first create a site, the Home page is with modern experience, and after that when I add variations and create there pages, those pages (variation pages) are with classic experience view.
Thanks a lot.

Hi @kitanovskiB 

Please try this:

  1. On the Settings page, in the Site Administration section, click Language Settings.
  2. Select the languages you want to make available
Thank you for your response.
I checked this but it doesn't resolve my issue. This translate just SharePoint admin page and Web parts, not content.
I am confused because using the variation feature when I create a target pages in the Modern Teams site they are created in the classic experience, I want to be in modern experience
Is there any workaround that I can create modern experience on target pages using variation on SharePoint SE(on-prem)?

Hi @kitanovskiB 

Language settings will not translate the page content. We need to assign the language translator for each language to manually translate the page in modern experience.

And as you pointed earlier, variations works with classic experience only.

Thanks for your response, but I cannot find the label or button to assign the language translator. 
This is Sharepoint SE on prem, communication site. 
Do I need to activate some Site Collection Features, so I can be able to assign the language translator?

Thanks for your time.