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I noticed when I search the sharepoint in the general search bar- every file associated with the keyword (even if they're not my files) appear in the results. Is there a way to filter the results so certain documents come to the top of the search results with keywords? For example: I want to be able to direct people to the search function when they want to know who to contact for logos. Marketing is who they would contact so when they type in "logos" into the search bar- a file with marketings contact information comes up first. Is this possible? 

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@Mercy_Fisher The easiest solution is to create a search bookmark for all of the most common search queries you see or anticipate. You can then specify exactly which result shows up first and provide context for the searcher.


Another thing you can do is encourage folks to put their job responsibilities in their profile so that search will boost their profile if someone searches for their expertise areas. And, of course, if it is on your roadmap, Viva Topics is also something that can give you this outcome.