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Hello Everyone,


I am using SP Online and configured a search results webpart to display the recent content. The content is being migrated from to SP Online recently. Items are displayed properly in search results webpart - But, i see that one item (Excel file) on hover - instead of displaying the preview shows error - Sorry, Someting went wrong. Item does not exist, It may have been deleted by another user.


But, I see that the item is present in the library. If i edit the item and save it - Again the item is visible on hover. What can be the issue here. 


Did anyone come across this kind of issue?


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If you go to the library that file is in, can you see it and also view it in Excel online from that library.
Try going to library settings and going to advanced and select the option to reindex the library, wait a couple of hours and check again.
It's possible that during migration files might get created and deleted depending on the tool you use and therefore a file may be indexed once, deleted and then recreated.
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