SharePoint Search Not working for New User

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I just gave a user access to our SharePoint site.  I was just at their desk and I asked them to do a serach as I was boasting how awesome SharePoint list.  To my surprise, nothing was returning. When I open up the SharePoint  site on my PC everything works flawlessly but for her nothing is working.  Does it take a while for the indexing process to happen when a new user is added?  I guess I have never seen that and the only thing I can think of is SharePoint is need to build some stuff in the background for her in order for the search to work?  No idea just throwing some stuff out there but maybe someone can comment on this?



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Hello @VeeExcelLearn 


works the access direct to the site with the new user?

How give you access to the site? AD or AAD group? It may take a moment for the synchronization to complete for access.


Regards, Dave

I basically went to the top right of the page clicked on Members and then proceeced to search for the individual and added as a member. I did add it literrally less than 1 minute before I walked up to her desk and showed her how to navigate throught he site. So maybe I just need to be patient. I just never seen anything like it so I got a bit worried. It usually workes well and I love that search engine! :)