SharePoint Search for a list for records over 5000

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I am using SharePoint Online and I have a list with 10000 records. I have added around 10 columns which made sense to Index. The list contains overall 30 columns. Most of them are single line of text.

The requirement is to be able to search within 10000 rows for a value (mostly a number) which could be present in around 20 of the columns. I have tested the search and it works partially and does not bring in all the results which makese sense as I think it is searching only within the first 5000 records. For example, I searched for a number 555555 which I know is present in the  rows with id 3589 and 7109. The search results just brings the record with ID 3589 and cannot find the other record. Is there anyway around it? I need to be able to somehow search the entire large list since it contains historical data and it won't get any larger. Any help is much appreciated!!!

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It may be due to crawl issue, you can try reindex list in list setting and reindex site in site setting which will make sure record appears after next crawl.