Sharepoint search does not return all the documents I expect

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I created a site column (single line of text) for article codes and added it to my content type. Then I valorised the column for all documents (500 more or less) with their article codes, re-indexed the site and waited a couple of days.
I give an example of an article code, some of them are formatted like this: "ABCDEF 12345.01/A + Z99.123" where the initial part (ABCDEF 12345.01/A) is present in multiple article codes and only the final part (Z99.123) varies
Now the problem I am experiencing is that if I search for "ABCDEF 12345.01/A" I only find a few (4) of the documents that have this string in the article code, while using the filter on the column I can see there are many more (12).
Would anyone be able to help me understand if I have misconfigured the column or if there is a more serious problem
Thank you

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Are you using &TrimDuplicates=false
I've just tried without success
This was the most likely cause. Can you validate if all items in the list have been indexed?
I normally do this using
"ParentLink:"https://<tenant><name of list>/*"
Also check if you use a really low rowlimit

@Paul de Jong Yes, all the documents have been indexed

Really weird problem.
Can you share the query being executed? (open the console.log and select the network tab in your browser)
Sorry for the delay
I think this is what you are asking:

As for the request payload here it is: {"parameters":{"__metadata":{"type":"SP.RenderListDataParameters"},"RenderOptions":4103,"AllowMultipleValueFilterForTaxonomyFields":true,"AddRequiredFields":true}}

Thank you