SharePoint Saved for Later Does Not Work

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In our GCC tenant the Saved for Later feature for SharePoint pages does not work. I have seen that the Saved for Later web part is not available in GCC tenants, but because the Save for Later links appear I must assume the feature is supposed to exist and work in GCC tenants.


When selecting the Save for Later link on a SharePoint page the Recently Saved Items right side panel opens and displays a link to See All Saved Items. The browser console log reports the following warnings:

Following the See All Saved Items link opens the Saved for Later page that shows a broken image:

  • <img alt="" class="EmptyStateImage" role="presentation" src="">

The browser console log reports the following errors:

And reports a number of warnings related to icons. E.g. The icon "microsoftteamsbrandlinkedin" was used but not registered. See for more information.


Delve, if that still exists, was disabled in our tenant for undisclosed reasons. Might this action have also disabled the Saved for Later feature? It very is problematic to have a feature displayed for users that does not work.


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@Darian Glover   Did you ever resolve this issue?