SharePoint Risk Log ID Number Issue

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Hi all,


I am hopeful that someone can assist by answering a question.


Currently, I have a Risk Log that I have created for a Project that my team are working on.


What is rather confusing is that no matter what I do, the ID number of the Risk Log ALWAYS starts at 6, and then numbers it 7, 8, 9, 10 etc.


Why doesn't it start from 1? And the column is "read-only" so I cannot even edit it.


Is that even possible? Or am I stuck with starting at 6?



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@PieterClassens when you were building your Risk Log did you create 5 items then delete them? That would explain why the next number will start from 6.  A risk assessment Power Apps/SharePoint/flow system I am building for my company is likely to have the first live assessment with an ID of more than 30. That's just the way it is. If it is critical that your first item has an ID of 1 then you'll need a separate column as it's not, and never has been, possible to edit the ID number or reset it.


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@RobElliott No to the first question.


From the outset, it has been numbered 6 onwards.


And I cannot find a way to change it!?!

Strange but you won't be able to change it as I said before. You could create a new list from the current one and the first item in the new list will have an ID of 1.
Thanks. I will just learn to live with it!