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Hey Admins! 


I just wanted to check a setting in regards to SharePoint retention, the wording had me a little confused and I wanted to double this with you. Always better to check than just go ahead! 


What I'd like to be able to do:

  • Have retention enabled
  • Keep data for 7yrs, If deleted, in preservation hold
  • After 7yrs, remove deleted file from preservation hold


However, the wording makes me believe that after 7yrs, any old data is liable to be deleted. 


Is this correct? I only want content to be retained that may have been deleted. Or at least this is what I had thought. 





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Hi, yes your assessment is correct.  If you select Yes, then any content and secure copies that are protected by this. retention policy will be deleted once the retention period has passed.

@ITbEFThis is my view and MS also says so "retention wins over deletion". So this is what will happen:


If a chat or channel message is modified or deleted within the retention period of 7 years then a copy of the original message is created in the SubstrateHolds folder and retained until the end of the retention period, when the copy in the SubstrateHolds folder is permanently deleted one day after the item expires.


If the item is not modified or deleted during the retention period: Nothing happens before and after the retention period; the message remains in its original location.


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