Sharepoint "Image" column not populating in Quick Parts Menu

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I'm trying to dynamically populate an image into a word document using Quick Parts, but the image property is not showing up in the Quick Parts menu.

I have a Sharepoint Site Column group that has the "Image_1" (image) column and "Image Description" (text) column.




I create a new content type "Image Document" with the site columns.




I add the content type to my Sharepoint Document Library.




I create a view with the appropriate columns.




I select a new "Image Document" to create.




The document opens, and the SharePoint properties are listed: "Image_1" and "Image Description".




When I go to insert a Quick Part into the document, only "Image Description" is available. Where is the "Image_1" Quick Part Property? Is it possible to insert an image using quick parts, and have it automatically update from the Sharepoint property?




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I don't think SharePoint image columns are supported in the quick parts of documents.


Try raising a support ticket with Microsoft directly and confirm it once from their technical team: Get M365 Support - Online Support 

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