Sharepoint "follow" feature - Sorry you're not setup to follow

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New to Sharepoint and learning. Trying to enable "Follow" feature for sites. Currently when you click on this button at the top right you get a message:


"Sorry, you're not setup to follow. 

Unfortunately, it looks like your account hasn't been set up to follow documents or sites."
Following content is enabled in Site Features and I did turn on permissions in the Sharepoint Online Administration under User Profiles -> People -> Manage User Permissions and enabled the checkboxes for the group "Everyone except external users"
What else am I missing to enable this feature as I can still not follow any site we have setup?
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Unfortunatly this is not just a SharePoint Features add on, it is also a central admin action. They really need to fix this bug.


If your site is not set up to allow personal pages then trying to follow a site will not work. You would have to select the Alert button instead.


I know this link below is a really old post about it but it is still a valid answer. Hope it helps.


Now to figure out how to report this as a bug, it is a really old one that no one has done anything about.