SharePoint "Export to Excel" tab missing

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Good day to you all!


I have a standard sharepoint site, no external solutions or anything like that.

The problem I have is that some users, despite having the highest permissions, do not see the "Export to Excel" tab.


Can you tell me what could be happening?


Best regards!

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The "Export to Excel" option in SharePoint Online allows users to export data from lists or libraries to an Excel file. If some users are unable to see the "Export to Excel" tab, there could be a few potential causes:


Clearing the cache is a common troubleshooting step that can help resolve various browser-related issues. First of all, clear the cache for the users who have the problem and restart, and if this didn't help, then try the next steps.


  1. Permissions: Although you mentioned that the users have the highest permissions, it's possible that their specific permissions may not include the necessary rights to access the "Export to Excel" feature. In SharePoint, users need at least "Design" or "Full Control" permissions to export data to Excel. Double-check the users' permission levels and ensure they have the required access rights.
  2. Feature availability: The availability of certain features in SharePoint Online can be controlled at the site collection level or through site features. It's possible that the "Export to Excel" feature has been disabled or not activated for the specific site or site collection. To check this, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the SharePoint site where the "Export to Excel" tab is missing. b. Click on the Settings gear icon in the top-right corner and select "Site Settings." c. Under the "Site Actions" section, click on "Manage site features." d. Look for a feature called "Offline Client Availability" or similar. If it is not activated, activate it and see if the "Export to Excel" tab appears.
  1. Browser or client limitations: Some features in SharePoint may have limitations depending on the browser or client being used. Ensure that the users are accessing SharePoint using a supported browser and that they have the latest updates installed. Additionally, check if the "Export to Excel" option is available in other browsers or SharePoint client applications to isolate any browser-specific issues.

Please remember to always test any changes or updates in a non-production environment before applying them to your live SharePoint site.

@rci97 Are you facing this issue for single list/library or all lists/libraries in your SharePoint site?


How you have created the list where you are facing this issue, manually from SharePoint UI/programmatically/migration tool/excel import?


Did you deactivate any feature at site level or site collection level?

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I have the same problem (new to managing sharepoint)

I've had success (sort of, if you disregard it changing central time to pacific time) with a tiny test excel, but my goal is creating a list from an excel file on sharepoint that is updated daily. The excel file comes from a client (it's a work assignment list that goes out a couple of months). I manually copy the file (it comes as an email attachment) and past values into the existing sheet. When I do this it formats a date column (formatted as date) into the integer value for the date, only with a decimal point before the last 2 digits on the right. 

So I thought I would experiment by exporting from the sharepoint excel file to list but also do not have the export option. I'm using Windows 10. 

Permission settings confirm I have full control over this excel file. 

I'm confused why List doesn't have more formatting options for numbers as well.