SharePoint Properties Panel in Word - Time Resets to Midnight 00:00 when Other Fields Set

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I have a content type, where I am trying to create a process tracking template in Word with Metadata. Such as Scheduled Start, Scheduled End and Completion Date. However, when I use the SharePoint Properties Panel to expose the Metadata for users to quickly update, any time a field is changed any of the times reset to Midnight 12:00. 


Below is an example with screenshots using just the basic fields from a content type. 

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Do you need the timestamp?  If you only need the date make sure you have your column settings correct:



@Jay-at-Schoeps -

Yes we need the time component. So our settings are configured "Date & Time", "Standard", with (None) for the default value.

The issue is more that when using Document Properties as word setting any other document properties will RESET the selected times back to midnight for any of the fields.

This is problematic as we are using the document properties and metadata for a Change Tracking system, where we schedule a start date and time for work, end date and time for work and completion date and time when the work is finished.

As users come back later and complete "Retrospective" note(s) in the document and update other metadata properties such as Status. The time information is lost.