Sharepoint : Promote page via email Dynamic Distribution lists missing.

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Hi all,

Recently we came across an issue in SharePoint. We've been using SharePoint's 'Promote page -> Send this page by email' for a while now. About week ago we noticed that something wasn't properly working or has changed.... Normally we send the emails with the help of a Dynamic Distribution List, but all of a sudden this list doesn't show up in the suggestion field anymore. We've tested a few list and it seems to be the case for ALL Dynamic Distribution Lists in our org. Regular Distribution Lists are not affected. 

In this example we have 3 lists, one Dynamic Dist. list and to regular ones:

The names of the lists are:

BM001_1-1638189974995.png the dynamic distribution list. and is not showing up in the results.


We've check all the API requests and parameters being executed and ran some tests.
The API search request returned only the distribution lists and not the Dynamic Distribution Lists...


No error's anywhere to be found. Those lists are just not showing up in the API results anymore. 
Have there been changes to the API? We've consulted all the documentation regarding this "issue" but no indication found that changes where made to the API... Our lists haven't been changed before this issue occurred. "It just popped into existence" I guess.

Anyone encountered that same issue or can shed some light on why this change.

Thanks in advance.


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