Sharepoint Powershell update Peoplepicker in List




I want to run a script that reads a csv and updates peoplepicker.

My code looks like:

Read the CSV file

$delimitercsv = "|" $filePath = "File.csv" $CSVData = Import-CSV -path $filepath -Delimiter $delimitercsv

SharePoint column names

$costcenter = "costcenter"

$userid = "User ID"

$useremailowner = "Owner"

Get the SharePoint List

$websitedirectory = Get-SPWeb -identity "website" $list = $websitedirectory.Lists["Site Directory"]


#Iterate through each row in the CSV and update the Owner Email

$items = $list.Items

foreach($item in $items | get-member -MemberType NoteProperty | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name’)
    $userid = $item['User ID']    $useridtest = $userid -replace ".*#"
    [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPUser]$useremail = $CSVData | Where-Object {$_.UsID -eq $userid} | % UsID    $item[$useremailowner] = domain\$userid

Unfortunately it does not work.

Do you have any idea?

Regards and big thanks


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