SharePoint + Powershell + sensitivity labels

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is there anyway to find out which sensitivity labels are applied to specific SharePoint site (using Powershell)?



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Hello, what about:

get-sposite | ft Url, SensitivityLabel
Unfortunately, doesn't work.
What if you query a specific site? Some properties might not be shown if you get all sites.

@Andres Gorzelany Hi, not an PowerShell guru at all but can confirm that Get-SPOSite with "sensitivitylabel" doesn't work against multiple sites so you have to specify that.



Just examples

Get-SPOSite -Identity xxx | select sensitivitylabel

Get-Label | ft name, guid

Get-Labelpolicy | ft name, guid



yes Christian, it is a known limitation specially with -Filter and -Limit parameters. Thanks!
Considering the amount of properties that may have default value we better link to as well (note section).