SharePoint PnP Search Result setting




I am working on a Knowledge base and using the PNP parts to make a good search page.

I added a vertical search and it all works OK provided i do not select Documents under "Result source ID"

If i select anything else, i can type something on the Search Box and the search goes across all my vertical tabs. If i select Documents: it will work on the main tab, but not on the others. 

When i select "LocalSharePointResults"





When i select Documents:

you can see not it brings all the documents on the site not only those with TEST 


Is that OK, or is my webpart playing up?



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Hello @MVCuser 


same here with the Documents Result Source.


I have not seen this before, I always use the LocalSharePointResults...


Regards, Dave 

It is Strange. I tried with all options, and it only breaks when i select Documents :(