SharePoint Permissions Question on People webpart

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I built an intranet on a Modern Communication Hub site. On each Department page, I want to add a people web part to display the members of the Depratment. Makes sense right?

I wanted to pull in the company's existing M365 groups, but I cannot seem to do it that way. The only way I can is to go into SharePoint, create SharePoint groups (with "Read" permissions), and add members to those groups. Then I can get those users... That's strange as I thought I could add M365 groups and then pull from those groups the members to add them to the people web part. 


I know that The M365 groups are more like Security groups but I thought that functionality was there. What am I missing? #AskingForAFriend

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So I know what you're getting at and no, unfortunately there's no web part out of the box that support displaying members of a group . You can of course build one using SPFX, It would be pretty straight forward :) As it possible to get this information user Graph API and query the members of the group.

Side Note, but depending on how your organisations AD is configured you should just be able to use the organisational webpart, add the head of that department and everyone who's reporting to them should show up and further down

@NicolasKheirallah Thank you for replying. I had considered that so thanks for that information. I think the hard part is the people they want to add are in as guest accounts. So there is no hierarchy... I need to keep it OOTB for them. OK, So I guess I'm doing what I thought to do...