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I want to create a SharePoint site for my team.

For this example let's say that my team have 3 departments and this structure in documents folder:

00. General

01. DEPT.1

02. DEPT.2

03. DEPT.3


My goal is:

- One group (Owner) that have all access;

- Each department is one group that can have all access to "00. General" and his Department folder" and can view all others departments folder and files but can't open them, if they need to open they must request access.


I imagine this is simple to do. Can someone help me to do the best way?





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Hi @Goncalo767,

here is how you can try to achieve you r plan:

1. Create SharePoint groups for each department, an Owners group, and a Visitors group.

2. Assign permissions to the groups:

* **Owners Group:** Full control permissions
* **Departmental Groups:** Contribute permissions to their respective department folders and the "00. General" folder.
* **Visitors Group:** Read-only permissions to all department folders, including "00. General."

3. Prevent access to other department folders by breaking the inheritance of permissions for those folders.

4. Enable a request access mechanism for other departments' folders by setting the default permissions to "Read" for all other groups (except Owners) on those folders.

5. Regularly review and manage permissions.

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