SharePoint Permission for User to submit request

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Currently, created a form by using PowerApps for the SharePoint list.

As for now, I am wondering what is the permission(s) on SharePoint for user/requestor to:

  • submit request
  • View and edit their own request
  • unable to edit or modify the form that I created for the SharePoint list


Thank you

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Hi, by default contribute access will allow the user to add, edit or delete the items from the list. You can also create a custom permission levels to disable the delete and also to remove the manage list forms. So, the users were allowed to only add or edit items, they cannot delete or modify the list forms.

Hi @Sudharsan K 

I had solved on permission issue.


As for now, I was wondering if I choose "Override List Behaviour", it should let the user edit their item only but after I choose and test it, the other user still able to edit my item on the list.


Why is this happening is there anything I can do about it?



Sorry, I couldn't get what you are trying to ask.

HI @Sudharsan K,


I want the permission that let the user can only edit their own request 


Thank you