Sharepoint Pagination not working

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I am using Sharepoint online for365 the dev account. This is also happening to others trying to implement our REST API. I see a "Show Paging" Check box but that doesn't seem to do anything. Could you please help push me in the right direction? Appreciate it. Brad

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Hi @Brad_Berkobien 

If you are using SharePoint Online, you can limit the number of items displayed in a REST API call using the "$top" query parameter. The "$top" parameter specifies the number of items to return in the response. For example, to return only the first 10 items from a list, you can add "$top=10" to the end of the API URL.

For example:


To implement paging, you can combine the "$top" parameter with the "$skip" parameter, which specifies the number of items to skip before returning results. For example, to return items 11-20 from a list, you can use the following API URL:

You can use these parameters in your REST API call to limit the number of items displayed and implement paging in your Power Apps form.

@Adnan Amin Thank you for your answer. Is there anyway to show the paging buttons at the bottom