SharePoint Pages Migration from SharePoint 2016 on-premises to SharePoint Online Modern Pages

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We are migrating SharePoint 2016 on-premises to SharePoint Online. SharePoint 2016 contains publishing pages and custom page layouts. 


is there any way using PowerShell we can migrate and modernize the all the publishing pages and other classic pages to SharePoint Online modern pages?




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Thanks @SteveKnutson,


I tried it but getting error as ConvertTo-PnPPage : could not find file PnP.Framework.resources

I am not sure what is missing.



Hi @Rajeshlohar You will need to install the latest PnP PowerShell module on to your PC to get the PnP resources. This link includes instructions for adding the module

Hi @SteveKnutson,


I already installed it. still it is throwing the same error.



I suggest taking a look a the PNP GitHub issues - it could be something like this causing the issue.