SharePoint page web parts not filling page - right 1/3 of page unused for some end-users

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I have two clients on two different tenants experiencing this issue.

While the web parts on the pages take up the entire left-to-right space on my browser, the two columns in the section(s) only take up the left 2/3 of the page on their browsers. The banner/ribbon/top matter goes all the way across, but the web parts in the sections down the page do not. It's quite ugly and wasteful!

I failed to get a screenshot of their issue :(

Thanks in advance for input!

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@Arnie_Howes screen size & resolution will play a part here, but to make sure you use up as much of the real estate as possible add a vertical section. That will run doewn the right hand side of the screen and is independent of what the other sections are doing.


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Thanks, Rob! I will give that a try as soon as I get back to those clients' sites...perhaps today. I will report back!
Just an update...I don't have the problem on my end and my client (who has the issue) has had Covid and vacation, so I've been unable to test. Thanks again for the answer. I bet it will work :)