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I read a bunch of articles/blogs but I can't figure it out.


None of the Members of our Teams/SharePoint site can edit pages on the SP without owner access.


I've tried all the tricks regarding permissions but nothing I do gave them editing access without becoming an Owner.


Does anyone have any ideas? It's quite frustrating.

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Hello, first of all, it's important to understand what roles you have within the tenant.

Are you referring to all Team Sites?
Are you referring to a specific site?
Are they Team sites (non-Microsoft 365 Group)?
Hi Joao, it's a regular Teams connect SP site, thank you.
Did you see the article to stop the list "Site Pages" inherit permissions from the parent (Site)? see the permissions for the this specific library. Do you see this text? "Stop Inheriting Permissions"? n the Permissions for this document library?
Thanks for getting back so quick. Yes I did all of that before, but nothing seemed to work.

I will try again to assume and then break the inheritance again, but I'll have to wait for my colleague to be free to check again. thanks again

This seems like a strange bug or miss in the settings. If the problem has not been solved, I could help you by having a MS Teams meeting and look into it.
Yes, I also think it's a bug because by default they should be able to edit the pages anyway (that was always the case for SP sites I am a member of).

I will contact my company's IT services for this, thank you.
If you need any additional help, don't hesitate to contact me in this thread or instant message. :)