SharePoint or Network Server?


When working with elearning files (Storyline, Captivate, Go Animate, etc), what is the best method of file storage, sharepoint or a dedicated network server? I ask because those type of files need the folder structure to work correctly and we are trying to come up with the best idea for collaborating as you need to open those files on your desktop to work on them (so I'm told).

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Well, it really depends on the elearning files format...if they support SharePoint I would bet for SharePoint, but sincerely I doubt it

@Paula Flores,

Just had a recent discussion about this topic with our trainer and Storyline's output is not compatible with SharePoint Online.


You can still use a Web server or implement workaround for SharePoint on-premises mentioned in their community board.




@Paula Flores  did you ever discover a way to publish Storyline content on a modern SharePoint online site.  I have a ticket in with Articulate. On their site they have some steps to do this  which I have not been able to follow successfully. 

@SusanMcClements No, but I think the 2 people that use it just gave up. They collaborate through the Articulate 360 site, download to desktop, then upload it to our LMS. That seems to work for now.