SharePoint Online .WSP file to use at "root" site level

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I created a template from an existing site in our SharePoint Online and saved in our Solutions Gallery under that site collection which is what is expected.


How can I use that same template I have just created but not as a subsite (when using New -> Subsite) of that site collection it was created from and use that same template in our "root" /sites locations?


For example, we have built a nice SP site under and saved it as "projectofficetemplate".wsp. Its now under the Solutions Gallery as expected. We can now use this template under the projectoffice site collection as a subsite and it is now available for us to choose.


Can I download this "projectofficetemplate".wsp file and "upload it" to the /sites location so that when I say Create new site, it would be available there?


For example, I want to create another site collection called "" but I want to use the template or "projectofficetemplate".wsp file created FROM to create the new "AnotherDept" site collection?


I uploaded it to the root site and activated it but when I go and select create new and selected the solutions gallery, I uploaded and activated but yet, it does not let me choose that nor have that option and the site is just a plain team site, not using the .WSP file I just uploaded and activated.


it just shows it as "select template later" in classic view... so I selected it but the template I want to use is not working or taking effect.


How can I do that or is that possible?


Thank you!

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