SharePoint Online Workflow History cleanup

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We are in the process of deleting SharePoint 2010 Workflows.  When the workflows are deleted through SharePoint Designer, a prompt displays, "This operation will also remove all workflow history data for this workflow."  Some users will treat Workflow History as a historical record or audit of workflow activity.  We want to take care before deleting Workflow History.

In the past, we could reference SharePoint on-premise Workflow History Cleanup policy to inform users that workflow history is deleted after 60 days.  We are unable to find documentation for SharePoint Online Workflow History cleanup.  There is this article, but is there documentation from Microsoft?


Looking at workflow history for one of our sites, it still has items from 2018.  Is there a place in the UI where we can set SharePoint Online Workflow History retention?  Can it be done with PowerShell?


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Based on conversation with Microsoft Support, items on Workflow History exist indefinitely, they are not cleaned up by a job. Apparently this article is still valid.