Sharepoint Online will automatically refresh when using filter by

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I found a problem when using the Filter by function of Sharepoint Online. The Filter by page will automatically refresh after a period of time, causing the records I selected to be cleared and then re-selected.

I would like to know what kind of refresh mechanism of sharepint online is like? Or is there a way to disable this refresh



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Curious where this happens. In what browser and system. A way to get ride of it would be to create custom views.
In Google Chrome and Win 10 system.The same happens when I try to create a private view
We have the same issue on multiple different lists. This was not an issue until this summer. After a bit of testing, it seems like it's because it's trying to update the available selections, but I cannot confirm this. Still a really annoying issue when trying to get 20+ rows out of 5000+ rows, and it all reverts back to 0 selected.