Sharepoint Online websites for audiences outside the organization

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How to publish Sharepoint Online sites for a public outside the organization, I mean, without the need for a username and password.


In our organization, we are trying - if possible - to publish a communication site for our entire community and therefore it should be public. It is to prepare people for the arrival / deployment of Office 365, where the vast majority do not have their licenses assigned yet.


The public is not really familiar with the daily changing environment. On this site for example, we want to demonstrate how to login.


Are there possibilities to do it? A Sharepoint site for general public access?





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Unfortunately the scenario described here is not possible in SharePoint Online.
Thank you so much.

This is regrettable. I recall that in Brazil, one of the product's "sales" arguments was demonstrating websites of large corporations created from Sharepoint and are public, such as sales sites - for airline companies - and business in general.

Again, thank you for your attention and I'm still researching how to get around this.

Kind regards.
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That could be the case for SharePoint OnPremises, but not for SPO. SharePoint OnPremises was and it's still used to model public facing web sites. Indeed, I can tell you I have three customers in Spain that use SharePoint in that way