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Hello all!


We have a case where one of our sharepoint list (modern list) column placement was rearranged and even some of the columns was hidden. Who did this is unknown. We made some access modifications so that only certain people have the ability to modify the list (Edit Access) while others could only Contribute. Is there a way or feature where we could the historical changes made to the default view?


Any information/help will be great!

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@naufal-Putra I don't think you will be able to get such detailed information related to view changes in SharePoint online.


Try if you can find anything in compliance center audit log or raise a support ticket with Microsoft and see if they can help you with this.


I think this was possible in SharePoint server versions. Check if this helps: How to track changes made to View of SharePoint list? 

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Hi ganesh,

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes that was what I'm afraid of after days of searching with no result. Will take a look at the links you provided,

Thank you!
We once tracked changes to a SharePoint list by calling the "Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate" Powershell Command
in a scheduled script and added the resulting XML file to Git version control.

Then we could track the changes to a list structure by comparing the XML files in Git.

But this did only tell us, when the changed happend, not by whom.

Well... and you would have needed to set this up beforehand.