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Hi Experts, 


I am posting here because I have tried to search for solutions online and have been unable to find anything.


We've move our files to Sharepoint Online and for the most part, apart from a few glitches here and there, it works fine.


Our staff is using the Onedrive shortcut which is being added using Sharepoint online, to open files in Windows Explorer.


This works alright but we have a few persistent issues.


Issue 1:
When clicking on files that haven't been opened or viewed previously (cloud icon, no checkmark) it would appear that staff cannot see a preview in File Explorer.


Once the file is opened and the person clicks the file again, it shows a preview.


Issue 2:
Some files are only allowing us to open them in read only, indicating that the person who is trying to open the file, already has it open....only they don't and we confirmed, rebooted the device and still the same issue remains.


If someone can provide quality feedback as to how I can proceed with fixing this issue, I would be most grateful.


Thanks in advance.



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Still no replies ?

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@Liav1982 I have observed the first issue sometimes in our SharePoint tenant (thinking this is a normal behavior) but not faced the other issue.


I will suggest to raise the support ticket with Microsoft directly. Follow this documentation for same: Get M365 support - online support 

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