SharePoint Online - View In File Explorer No Longer Working

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Is anyone else having issues with the View In File Explorer function in SharePoint Online via Microsoft Edge. It was working for us until yesterday morning. All parameters and policies are in place, not sure why it stopped working. Any assistance is much appreciated.

Windows 11

MS Edge version 125.0.2535.51 (64-bit)
ConfigureViewInFileExplorer policies status: OK


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Yes, there are a lot of known issues going on with the update. See this thread for more info:
Yes we are facing the same issue and it is causing a lot of problems for us.
Has anyone been able to solve this? or find a workaround?

Has any of you been in contact we Microsoft about this issue?

@Tommy Moua 


We have followed everything described in this articel:

But we are still facing the problem. It started approximately ~2 weeks ago 


This has been configured for Edge

ConfigureViewInFileExplorer = [{"cookies": ["rtFa", "FedAuth"], "domain": ""}]


This has been configured for SharePoint

Set-SPOTenant -ViewInFileExplorerEnabled $True

Set-SPOTenant -UsePersistentCookiesForExplorerView $True


I don't think is it related to a SharePoint config or change, since the problem started slowly hitting some machines, and then more and more - but I can't find the root cause.
Please come with whatever input you have.

I don't think this is related to a SharePoint config/module:
I think it's more likely it is related to a update on each device, since we see the problem slowly arise on machines in the organization.

But please correct me if you think I am wrong?

@Tommy Moua 


Okay, I think i found a workaround.

It seems that the problem occur after Edge is updated to 125.xxxxx. (in relation with OneDrive)


My workaround so fare is the following - please check if these steps work for you as well?


  1. Download a legacy version of Edge browser (version 124.xxxxxxx) :
    1. Personally I'm downloading version 124.0.2478.51
  2. Uninstall you Edge browser version 125.xxxxx
  3. Quit your running OneDrive instance (yes that is strange, but it was needed for me at least)
  4. Install the Edge version you just downloaded (124.xxxxxx)
  5. Now you can open your SharePoint document library and click "View in File Explorer"
    1. Hopefully it will now open in you File Explorer again
  6. Now you can safely open OneDrive again and update your Edge Browser to the lates version, and it is still working.


I hope Microsoft will help address this issue, so we can find the root cause and get er permeant fix for it.

I currently have a case with Microsoft Support. The last update was last Friday stating that they are still investigating the issue. Based on the acknowledgement of the issue, it appears that the issue is impacting many customers. Hopefully, a resolution is push out soon.

@RHCITC We have been hit also by this annoying issue. Actually this feature is not suggested by Microsoft to be used on Modern Workplace environment, use instead "Add shortcut to OneDrive", that it's not the same by the way, files opened on your workstation will be downloaded locally then syncronized with the cloud (some issues may occur on particular hard working users, specially on Excel files), as far as I know, this is not happening when using "File Explorer" mode, no local cache so no sync issue.

Do you agree?


We found a workaround, by chance i'd say :), just "Reload the sharepoint site in Internet Explorer mode", than "Exit Internet Explorer mode", it's working again!  O_o





You are right. These 2 tings is defiantly not the same.

Today MS has release a new version of Edge where the issue has been fixed.



Thanks everyone for the responses. We updated the Edge browser to version 125.0.2535.79 and I can confirm the updated version fixed the issue.