Sharepoint Online uses MS Editor for spell checking, gets errors with Swedish text



For a few weeks now, SharePoint Online has been using Microsoft Editor for spell checking. The SharePoint pages that were created with the basic language English then show errors in everything that is written in Swedish. I can not find a way to turn off the spelling checker or change it so that the spelling checker is in Swedish.




Since it is not possible to change a SharePoint site from the language in which it was once installed, it must be possible to solve it in some other way. The sites that are installed with Swedish as the basic language work with MS Editor. How do I solve being able to write in Swedish on English SharePoint pages without all text being marked in red as misspelled?


I have tried to install MS editor addon to Edge, and tried different settings without any progress.

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We have the same problem with our sites, which we have created in English, but we only use German texts.
I guess since the MS Editor is installed globally and you can't configure it, it use by the default language, which is English. Unfortunately, you cannot change the default language.
We are also looking for a solution.

The strange thing is that there is only one user (that we know) in our organistation that has this problem. We have tried to switch computer, other browsers with different settings
As far as I can tell, the language of spell checking of the MS Editor spell checker is determined by the base language of the site, not the language of the browser or the language of the user profile. The exception is for pages that are a "translation" copy in Communication sites with the Multilingual Page Publishing feature active. The interface language of MS Editor depends on base language of the site, even for MLP pages.

Hi @Martin Laplante 


Thanks for your reply.


If I understand you correct, if this is the case then all users that could edit that page would get the problem!? BUT in my case this only happens to 1 of 5 users with the right to edit.


I'm very curious to find out the pattern of those who are and aren't affected. Is it those who have the Microsoft Editor extension installed? Does it depend on whether the language is the first in the browser language list, or within the first 3? For us, those don't make a difference, but by poking around a bit in the JavaScript it looks like they get checked.

Hi @Martin Laplante 


We have tested different browsers

We have tested different computer

We have tested MS Editor extension installed, On and Off

We have tested without MS editor exension


All this the but the users still gets the problem, and Im not able to reproduce it on my computer with my account. 


The page that we have created is in english (cannont be changed be design). Language in our browser is 1. Swedish 2 English , 3  English


I have spent far too much time on this, with about 20 breakpoints in the JavaScript seeing what the code looks for and then testing for it. Unfortunately I sometimes get different results by re-running the same page.


There is definitely a difference with the extension on or off. With the extension on, it is willing to recognize more than one language and to respect the language-specific configuration of the extension, but those languages must be among the top 3 browser languages.


There is a fair bit of processing dedicated to the language of Topic type Communication pages the multilingual feature enabled. Within it, but sometimes elsewhere, it looks for a cookie called "siteLangPref" to override the language selection. As I mentioned elsewhere, this is the cookie that is set when you select the dropdown language list on multilingual sites (note: never use that selector, it has too many side effects). When it is set, it often returns the "wrong" language code, one that does not correspond to the actual language.


With a little tinkering you can change which one language it will ignore if it is spelled correctly, but it will give squiggles for the other languages. Without the extension, I have not found a way to make it accept more than one language.


I wonder whether it is like the Teams spell checker, where you have to have installed the dictionaries in the local workstation version of Office.

Did you see my post above (feedback portal)?
Did you find out how to fix this, or is this a teory that you have?
We have the same problem with norwegian obviously, and it also makes large page editing slow to a crawl. I don't understand why Microsoft did not test this internally before releasing it?
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Maybe you already know but just in case you would like to disable de spell checking, I just discover there is an option in the SharePoint page information panel.
Good catch! I hadn't noticed that.
Havent seen this one before, but from what i have tested IT WORKS!