Sharepoint Online user profiles when user is deleted from AzureAD

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I am wanting to verify that a Sharepoint Online users profile (metadata for Created by and Modified by) will not be lost when a user is deleted from AzureAD. I can not find any Microsoft documentation that explains this. 


My understanding is that when a user is deleted from AzureAD their SPO User profile will not be deleted and any documents and list items they created in SPO will still show their name. Is this correct? 


Thanks in advance. 

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I think you are talking here about different concepts:
1) When a user is deleted from Azure AD, he/she will be deleted from SPO User Profiles
2) Deleting the user from Azure AD and them from SPO User Profiles does not mean the Modify and Created attribute are going to be overwritten
To add to Juan, he is correct about the deletions, however, what doesn't get deleted is the user in the userinfo table in the back ground to every site collection which houses the Created By/Modified By user info. But even then I still think that metadata is retained at the file level itself as well. So bottom line, deleting someone doesn't lose the metadata :P.