SharePoint Online Usage Reports (Site and Document view number)

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Hey everyone,


I want to get all the SharePoint Intranet statistics that are possible.

Unfortunately the "standard" Site-Analystics doesn't help, because they only list the top 10 elements (e.g. Top 10 Sites, Top 10 Site Pages, Top 10 Document)

Is there a way to get ALL view numbers of ALL Elements? 
In the specific case I want to see the less seen Sites and the less seen Documents (so my colleques can improve these sites/ documents to get more views and relevance in the intranet)

Thank you very much in advance ;) 

P.S: The audit log reports (in the SPO Site Settings) doesn't work anymore... So there must be a way in the compliance center or via PowerShell...

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Unfortunately the answer is No, there is not a way to get the detailed information you might need using the SharePoint Online Usage reports. When those default reports are not enough, you have to start thinking on integrate other analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Azure Application Insights