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Hi Folks,

In doing a search, the resulting URL (which contains the search string) is long. So long that is can't be saved a link in SharePoint so that it can be used again.

Does SharePoint have a URL shortener?

If yes, please share both the app and your experience in using?

Or, can anyone suggest another means of saving a search string?


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SharePoint does not have a native URL shortener. That doesn't mean you couldn't use a third-party service like to achieve shortening, though.


As for your need to have links--where are you trying to make these links? If you're relying on the Hyperlink/Picture field type in a List, your issue is perfectly understandable, as there is a character limit there, but I've found that using a Multiple Lines of Text field to be a good workaround--if you have rich text turned on, hyperlinks made there don't have that character restriction, or at least it's not so high that SharePoint's own URLs don't fit. Also, if storing links in a Page with hyperlinks is acceptable to you, I've found the character limit is similar to what is experienced with Multiple Lines of Text.

Thanks Matt.

I have used and wanted to know if I had missed a native SharePoint app.

And, I appreciate the hint about multiple lines of text.

I have also been trying to find a solution for this. Has anyone found a tool or a good app that could be integrated to Sharepoint so users would have an easy way to shorten the links from Sharepoint without the need to use external service?

Wouldn't third-party service like present data leakage concern ? If yes, how to get around? Thanks Ahead!