Sharepoint online - Unable to edit an item on a list

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I have a user that is unable to edit any items on a list. 


User has been assigned Contribute to the exact location as it does not inherit permissions.

I have also assigned the user to a user group which has Read, View Only, List Add Edit (No Delete) permissions.


However, the user is still now able to EDIT. We have many other users that are in the same user group that can edit?


If the user selected the 3 dots on the item then select 'Edit item' the user gets this error. OR the user can go in an view the item in the list but the EDIT button in top left is greyed out.



Any ideas on how to resolve this as I feel like I have tried everything ? 



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The error message suggests that your user does not have an Infopath license.

Are you using SharePoint Online? Then that user needs "SPO Plan 2 or O365 Enterprise E3/E5"


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Yes Sharepoint online. The user in question is assigned an Office 365 E3 license.