SharePoint Online - 'The server is busy now. Try again later' Error

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I was wondering if any has any experience dealing with this issue or know anything about it?


We receive the error at random times when using our SharePoint site. The error only gives a correlation ID and the date and time it happens. 


I have done some googling and it says it could be linked to Throttling and we need to change settings but I can't find anything in SharePoint admin about this?


Any help would be appreciated.



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Do you have any custom code running?

If all you have is out of the box SharePoint then the page will tell you that you are being throttled.

Hi @Andrew Hodges

There is no code running from what I am aware of.


The error says nothing about been throttled though?

This is what I receive.

Sharepoint error.jpg

That needs a support ticket raising. Support will want you to give them about 3-4 examples of the correlation ID. Thats a backend issue from the looks of things. Tell them fiddler logs are useless when they ask you to give them the logs.

I have had similar issues to this before and they need to fix something in the backend.

Hi @Andrew Hodges 


Ok thanks for your help I will raise a ticket and see if this can be resolved.


Cheers for your help.

Was your issue resolved, do you have the steps if you can remember and share it,  would be helpful for me.