SharePoint Online Storage Quota Warning reverting to old setting

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The storage quota warning for my top level site "" reverts back to an old Storage Quota warning setting with no rhyme or reason.


The backstory is that when we initially setup our O365 SharePoint online site, we misread the quota warning setting and set it to 5%, thinking when we're down to the last 5% we'll get a warning. We realized a few years later that we actually set the threshold for the warning at 5% used. After laughing off our initial mistake, we corrected the setting to warn us at 95% used. This works great for anywhere from a month to a week or so, before it reverts back to 5%. Yesterday, it happened in a matter of hours.


MS support walked me through making the adjustment in the SharePoint Admin console, to which I insisted I had done that many times. They then instructed me on how to do it through the SP Online PowerShell Module, which is now my preferred method. This seems to last the longest, with the exception of yesterday's instance. But still, every so often, we get the nasty yellow alert at the top of our Team site declaring we're out of space, and sure enough, it's back to 5%.


Now I'm running Get-SPOSite -Identity -detailed |fl every morning to make sure it's still set, otherwise I get notified by a panicked user/executive when they see the "You're running out space" warning on our SP site. It's not a real problem, as we're using less than 10% of our storage and there's no issue saving data, but optically it is embarrassing for my team.


My Google searches, turn up no similar cases. Yesterday I had an idea to do an audit log search to see if I could find the culprit, but guess what isn't a logged occurrence in SharePoint online... yup "-StorageQuotaWarningLevel". 


I'll be re-opening the case with MS, but in the meantime, I was hoping somebody in the community may recognize this issue.

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Hi, not come across this myself, but a quick Google found this which matches your issue -


The only potential solution mentioned within is to reset the quota using the SharePoint Classic Admin experience.


Definitely sounds like a bug though, and you need to keep chasing Microsoft if the Classic admin option doesn't work for you.