SharePoint Online Sites not showing up in Office 365 desktop apps

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I'm having an issue for which I can't seem to find a solution.


I'm trying to open and save files to a SharePoint Online environment, but Sites are not showing in Word/Excel.

I tried on multiple desktops, all running Windows 10 and Office 365 and using the same account. On one desktop I'm able to see my followed Sites, on another I get the message: "There are no sites to show right now". In Windows settings the account is showing up as work or school account.


I would really appreciate some help. Thanks!



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This could be due to users have not synced completely with the "license information". Ask your admin to check on the user synchronization process. or give some time to get this sync updated.



We waited some days before posting, thought it needed some time for that exact reason.

Could it be that the user logged in while office 365 didn't yet had the modern authentication and that this feature needs modern authentication?




I dont think so, Can you try updating office and restart the system, then sign out and and sign in back on both office and O365 . let me know.

Modern Authentication was the problem for us. Users had signed before it was on.

We have them go to:

Start>Settings(Cog)>Accounts>Access Work or School >[Disconnect 365 Account] > [Re add 365 Account]

That is what I thought and experienced, thank you for confirming with me.

When I disable Modern Authentication and sign in, the sites don't show up. When I enable Modern Authentication and sign in, the sites do show up.


@Ramses Even im facing same issue and also few clients not sure how to resolve.. can you please guide

Were you able to fix this and how @sharmilak  @Ramses please what do you mean by mordern authentication

In what application website or page are you having them do this? Is it in admin