SharePoint Online Sites not showing up in Office 365 desktop apps when saving files

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After doing updates over the weekend, I've noticed that our Sharepoint folders are no longer showing on any Office 365 desktop app. It's logged in but it says no folders to show, when it used to display all 365 group locations.


Any idea why this would be?




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I confirm. About 100 out of 230 users in our tenant aren't seeing the list of recently used SharePoint sites in their desktop apps. Most of them are facing this problem for several months; others just got this behaviour very recently. After the first problem reports, all users were included in the targeted but with no result.

Did this get resolved? I am having a similar issue. @Pieter365 

I was able to solve this by editing the UPN of the affected users in the AppData file "SitesServiceCache".
More info can be found here:
Although, the situation was fixed for at least some users after an Office update.
I hope this solves the problem for you.

I resolved this problem by enabling modern authentication

Hi @Moreno Fernandes


from where you enable modern authentication? I am facing the same issue no sites shown on the office desktop app (excel, word, ...) and I am following these sites!