Sharepoint online site templates?

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Hey guys!

I was wondering if corrently there is a way to save modern sharepoint site as template and create with it another site?


Ive herd that something like this is possible in classic sharepoint sites/old sharepoint versions but i couldnt find any data about this on the web regarding modern spo sites.



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@Barak-S You can enable this functionality using few hacks. But, Save site as a template is not fully supported in SharePoint online modern experience.

Recommended ways:

1. Use PnP Provisioning for creating & applying site templates. Find more details at: Introducing the PnP provisioning engine 


2. Using site design and site script


Hack (not recommended)

Allow custom scripts & then save site as template like classic experience. Find more information in below references:

1. Save site as a template for Modern Team and Communication Site in SharePoint Online 

2. Save Modern Team Site as a template & provision using Classic Team Site method (visible in SP Admin) 



Microsoft is introducing scenario-based site templates in SharePoint online which might help you or others in future. More information at: Site templates are coming to SharePoint Online 

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